ABED First time Invoker on New  Patch — vs New Meta Echo Sabre Undying
SUMAIL vs ARTEEZY Epic Game — Void Spirit vs Juggernaut  Dota 2
6 Slotted Clinkz vs Ethereal Blade Gyrocopter — SUMAIL  Intense Game

I love cozy gaming nights ? ?: ...

ARTEEZY Sniper vs MASON on  New Patch — 30min Game 100% Outplay
SUMAIL vs ARTEEZY (2 Games) OG vs EG Carry Battle  Dota 2
ARTEEZY First time Terrorblade on  New Patch
 100% Winrate Hero on  New Patch — Swift Blink Gyrocopter
ARTEEZY First RAMPAGE on New  Patch Dota 2
How ARTEEZY Carry the Game & Outplay YAWAR on  New Patch
SUMAIL vs ARTEEZY on  New Patch — Drow Ranger vs Nature's Prophet
At least I'm not alone - Genshin Impact - 1
ABED Invoker Scepter Build — Intense Game vs Counterpick
SUMAIL destroy Faceless Void with Scepter Build Slark
 Farming Machine — 900 GPM Luna
SUMAIL WTF Farming Speed — 11min Scepter Gyrocopter
SUMAIL Naga Siren Bloodthorn Build — Intense Game vs Scepter Templar
CCNC vs YAWAR (SumaiL's Brother) — Scepter Razor vs Manta Axe
SUMAIL Mid vs GUNNAR — Scepter Clockwerk vs Arcane Blink Puck
SUMAIL vs YAWAR MASON — Blink Dagger Slark vs Blink Dagger Leshrac
GPK Mid Puck 25 Kills with Scepter + Desolator Build

Repping our old *RL* gang in Gta V RP....

MIRACLE Phantom Assassin destroy Enemies with Situational Build Halberd
SUMAIL vs GUNNAR BSJ — Scepter Morphling vs Super Annoying Puck