Ela is learning how to say book in  isn’t going too well
“under the sea”
How the Queen wakes up every morning.
send this to your ✨special✨ friends
*cue beast boy flirting w the 5th crush he has this week*
TAG someone who doesn’t want kids?
I forgot Portugal was in Europe my bad y’all
pov: I see you at a pet store
 did I just listen to
Please just give me snacks

Magikockme - mine - car wash - temp job - funny - lmao - people are - stupid - carmemes - neutral...

It’s Wednesday my dudes.

Only in Jersey ???...

Idk why I made this and what I intended to do with it but oh well what you will. Some of these are like vine quality though ?....

I feel peaceful already ?
And the war begins?
you should follow me on twitter where all of this went down.
Who’s show is this Gladys?
I woke up and chose embarrassment?
I’m so sorry
treacherous jungle river journey to a ruined temple
The cheese is always right
I’m sleeping with both eyes open