How the Queen wakes up every morning.
TAG someone who doesn’t want kids?
Please just give me snacks
I feel peaceful already ?
Dating with strict parents be like?
Dang it
It was worth it for Carly
please tell me you’re lying bestie??I cannot go back now
No regrets
Before you  I used my telekinesis?
Where are all my fellow marine biologists at???‍♀️
Like who signed me up for an 8 AM???they dumb as fuck for that
not in this house?????????
she’s at her wits end besties
If the smart kid is having trouble we’re all doomed
Like, hang on, there are people who don’t read??
tell me which tropes you love to hate
Answering the question I get asked the most
Ode to the ambiverts.
time for a new bsf✨
The life of a fanfic reader is constant misery??. Any recommendations drop them in the comments