wait, a bunny can swim
I’m sleeping with both eyes open
Macaroni is doing a good job!
My dog is so weird!
Dog help chicken  by beat another chiken | Funny Dogs #Shorts  

*A funny short clip about a dog help chicken to

We have liftoff!! (via aerobull_42)...

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I needed this therapy today (Thank you, Kisha - they love the different colors!)

Vanilla vs Chocolate ?...

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I know it was a mistake, but I’m still impressed. (via TheForceBeMay)...

“This happens every time I get out of the shower.” (via Pappy_Smith)...

Climbing an invisible ladder! (via LO_Cosplays)...

This is Franky. He's old and friendly. He has blue eyes and most of the time I can't see them in his apparently,......

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Park SeoAn (Sejun) Tiktok 210303 [2]  

중독성 갑
Another funny
It was always so hard to get a selfie of us together too !
belly rubs part 2
belly rubs part 1
Rejected hand holding
Guardian of the milk